New Year, New Journey


Losing weight this year doesn’t have to be as hard as you’re making it.
A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. In most cases, that step isn’t taken with the intention of walking 1,000 miles. After all, we are easily overwhelmed and unlikely to welcome such a lengthy journey.
How did you get to the place you’re in right now? Geographically, you may have left home to pursue school or a job or a relationship. Professionally, you ended up getting a job offer somewhere and that took you from one place to the next. Romantically, you walked into that one place (or logged into that one site) and just happened to meet your one. It’s a series of seemingly small decisions that create ripples of momentum that become tidal waves of change.
My journey of nearly 250 pounds of weight loss started off with a walk of 212 steps that ended in me huffing and puffing for nearly half an hour. But eventually, I saw a pound come off so I did it again. Another pound and another.
One pound times 200 in a year. One more pound 28 times only to be stalled by loose skin. Surgery, swelling and recovery. Toning, exercising, eating right. One workout, one meal, one pound, One pound, one, one, one.
And so it goes until eventually we turn around and find ourselves 1,000 miles or 250 pounds from the place we started. And let me tell you, looking back at the journey swells my heart with delight. I know that unless you learn to find joy in that journey, you’ll never find fulfillment at the finish line.
I’m not there yet— we’re barely getting started. But I’m going to have a blast over the next 1,000 miles and beyond. BRING ON 2017!

New Year, New Journey